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A collection of short public notes exported from my private tiddlywiki. Find an overview of all notes here. Feedback? You can reach me at mail@hanspinckaers.com.

Host tiddlywiki for free with authentication on alwaysdata

hanspinckaers updated 37 days ago created: 22 August 2020
Public TiddlyWiki

Uploaded tiddlywiki to alwaysdata, was incredibly simple and free. They also provide https authentication.

My tiddlywiki journey

  • Started with single tiddlywiki file
  • Made alwaysdata account
  • In backend go to Web then to Sites
    • Remove default at free subdomain
    • Install new application
    • Choose tiddlywiki
    • Change /www to something like /tiddly
  • Just dragged my single tiddlywiki file into the alwaysdata tiddlywiki, works!